Stew'swatermelonPractitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine have prescribed watermelon juice as part of a healing diet for many centuries. One of this fruit’s great powers is that it can relieve internal heat, which is good for digestion. Watermelon is a diuretic and has the ability to remove toxins from your body.

I recommend that students in my Dragon’s Way® classes drink watermelon juice every day for the six-week program. Juicing offers one way to eat larger quantities of watermelon and thereby receive its healing benefit. If you use a juicer, be sure to include some of the white and green parts of the rind, as well as the seeds, since every part of the fruit is important. If you use a blender, check to see if it is powerful enough to break down the seeds. Otherwise, eliminate them.

Cantaloupe and other melons do not have the same healing ability and Qi as watermelon and cannot give you the same benefit. But for a change of pace, try the yellow watermelon that is becoming more readily available.

Of course, there are many exciting ways to eat watermelon. Even sautéing watermelon rind creates interesting tastes and textures.

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