Engaging the creative process means asking lots of questions ~ like what else is here? Turn in a different direction, and what do you notice? Focus on one tiny space, now what do you discover? The paintings in my series Radiance were created as a meditation on the theme of dark and light. In light, there are spaces of darkness and beauty. In darkness, there are glints of light. It is up to choose how we want to look.

Grand Master Lu challenges us Dragon’s Way Instructors to embrace the Taoist belief that on a spiritual level there are no accidents. What about times of suffering? we ask.  True, people suffer. But positive and negative always exist at the same time. Yin and Yang. You cannot separate them. We can focus on misery and suffering, but that doesn’t mean that the good does not exist.

P1060441The creative process, like life, is full of choices. For example, when I completed each piece for Radiance,  I asked myself about the best way to display it. And that led me to turning it around in four different directions. One way I saw a monster from the deep, another an ancient tree, another a burst of stars. Such abundant possibilities- many ways to look at the work, and they were all there for me, contained on one single piece of paper.

Now, what if I go even deeper?  I think I know what is happening on the paper and I’m acting under assumptions that I do know. But what if there are more surprises and possibilities waiting for me to discover once I feel my way into what’s visible on the page?  What if this painting is a reflection of a higher invisible consciousness? Can I open myself and allow myself to believe that there just could be something here that I’m not yet able to see?P1060448

I’ve had dark times in my life when I was unable to appreciate the good, let alone the beauty in misery.  What I discovered is how the creative spirit wanted all along to take me on a healing journey. And when the conditions were right and I was ready, she guided me down a path of connection to the unconditional love of the universe.



From that perspective, when I look at the pieces in Radiance, I can see spirit’s non-linear pathways—the twists and turns, detours and rest stops.


What do you see?©PaulaGraham