The Dragon's Way®

It’s so much more than a six-week journey to Wellness and Weight loss!

Hands On Healing

What I love best about Hands on Healing is helping client reduce stress and discover the power and wisdom of their inner healer.

Wisdom from Wake Up Qi

Inspiration to activate energy and artistry!


Original Art, Notecards, Classes, Workshops & More!

Have a Fall Cough? Try Pears.

Cold by nature this lovely fruit helps relieve heat in the lung. Pears regenerate body fluids, quench thirst, lubricate the lungs and throat and relieve coughs. Pears are particularly good for helping with flu symptoms of a sore throat and fever. And because pears...

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Radiance Technique

It all starts with a little wood and water! First I sprinkle powdered charcoal over a large sheet of paper. Next, I pour water and watch as the charcoal begins to travel across the surface. Some charcoal stains the paper, some floats on top and drains off onto the...

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Radiance ~ A Celebration of Creative Spirit

Engaging the creative process means asking lots of questions ~ like what else is here? Turn in a different direction, and what do you notice? Focus on one tiny space, now what do you discover? The paintings in my series Radiance were created as a meditation on the...

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