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teapot-196238_1920Acupressure is an ancient healing art that applies finger-tip pressure to specific points on the body where energy tends to get stuck. These little knots of tension, sometimes the size of a pencil eraser, other times, the size of a dime, can open and relax with just the right amount of TLC. Imagine tension and stress melting away.

When energy becomes stuck in our bodies, which it can when we are under stress, we might experience feelings of discomfort. Using my fingertips, I assist the recipient in opening blockages by holding acupressure points.

Acupressure is a clothes-on method. Recipients lie on their backs, warmed with light-weight blankets and supported by a cushion under the knees, head, and neck as desired, for comfort.  I begin each session by asking what the recipient would like to focus on for the session. It could be something physical like a kink in the shoulder or a cramp in the leg, or it might be an overall feeling of stress. I begin and end the session by offering a head, neck, shoulder release. At the end of the session, I like to end with a gentle foot massage for centering and grounding.

During our time together, the recipient guides the pace and flow. Acupressure is an interactive modality: the recipient is always encouraged to ask for more or less pressure, or for points to be held longer. Need another blanket? Just ask. Need a cushion to be adjusted? Just ask. We might talk or not – a little or a lot. Sometimes recipients relax so deeply they fall into a deeply refreshing sleep.

A client once described her acupressure session as time spent floating on a raft. It is a relaxation therapy and when used with standard medical treatment, can assist in the healing process by releasing tension, decreasing stress and encouraging a sense of increased well-being.  We could meet anywhere from an hour to 1 + ½ hours.


Life Force Tao of Medical Qigong (chee kung) is designed to promote improved health and well-being at all levels ~  body, mind, and spirit. Medical Qigong is Chinese energy healing, a non-touch method of activating a client’s innate capacity to heal. The aim of a Medical Qigong session is two-fold: to increase the power and availability of the client’s energy and to regain optimal function so healing can happen from within.

A typical Life Force Tao of Medical Qigong session takes about an hour.  It is a clothes-on method.  At the start of a session, I will demonstrate easy-to-do Qigong (chee kung) movements that we will practice together while discussing the client’s problem.  For the session, clients have the option of lying on a massage table or sitting in a chair.

Some clients notice significant changes from a single session, but more commonly a series of sessions is needed to achieve maximum benefit. Sometimes clients notice surprising benefits that are not directly related to why they came to see me in the first place. Because each session is individualized, each person has a unique response.

Life Force Tao of Medical Qigong is not medical treatment as is usually understood. I do not diagnose, treat or remediate any particular medical condition. In my role as a TCM health consultant, I welcome the spirit of creativity and intuition into the healing process as we work together to get at the root cause of symptoms and conditions.  

At this time, I do not offer Life Force Tao of Medical Qigong sessions to people undergoing active cancer treatment or to victims of stroke.

Dragon's Way FAQThe Dragon’s Way® offers you healing tools you can use for the rest of your life. The Wu Ming Qigong energy movements are gentle and relaxing and with practice activate the body’s natural power to heal.

The Dragon’s Way® is a way of life, and we offer many resources here at Wake Up Qi to help support you on your journey.


Wu Ming Qigong is very powerful when it comes to addressing women’s health issues because it works at the energy level of the body. Prevention is the beauty and strong suit of Traditional Chinese Medicine:  if your energy is strong, disease cannot set in. Qi is a life force that contains intelligence and intuition. It all yours to access for a healthy vibrant life.






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