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Kung Fu Painter

With my grandson Jake visiting for the summer, I converted my studio into his bedroom then spread out my painting supplies in the dining room. When it’s not horribly hot and humid,  I set up outside @ my backyard creation station. Otherwise, I’m painting on the dining...

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Qigong ~ Power Moves for Any Age

Power Up with Qigong A retirement community in my town was looking for a yoga teacher. Yes, I could recommend yoga teachers, but how about Qigong? Chee what? After jumping the hiring hurdles, I greeted my first class of curious residents. People asked how these easy...

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Have a Fall Cough? Try Pears.

Cold by nature this lovely fruit helps relieve heat in the lung. Pears regenerate body fluids, quench thirst, lubricate the lungs and throat and relieve coughs. Pears are particularly good for helping with flu symptoms of a sore throat and fever. And because pears...

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Radiance Technique

It all starts with a little wood and water! First I sprinkle powdered charcoal over a large sheet of paper. Next, I pour water and watch as the charcoal begins to travel across the surface. Some charcoal stains the paper, some floats on top and drains off onto the...

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Radiance ~ A Celebration of Creative Spirit

Engaging the creative process means asking lots of questions ~ like what else is here? Turn in a different direction, and what do you notice? Focus on one tiny space, now what do you discover? The paintings in my series Radiance were created as a meditation on the...

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Watermelon Time

Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine have prescribed watermelon juice as part of a healing diet for many centuries. One of this fruit’s great powers is that it can relieve internal heat, which is good for digestion. Watermelon is a diuretic and has the...

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My Faithful Wu Ming Qigong Practice

I recently shared the journey of how my Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health became a faithful practice with the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation, and I wanted to share it with my Wake Up Qi readers, also. When I received notice that an abnormal mammogram...

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ARTventure ~ Creative Conversation with Spring

ARTventures ~ combine the creative practice of Art with the energy work of Qi gong.  This morning after Qigong practice, I headed outdoors with my healing journal and markers for a Creative Conversation with Spring. What a lovely way to connect to the powerful essence...

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Five Element Theory

Five Element Theory, one of the oldest theories of how the universe operates, is essential to the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Ancient TCM doctors learned how to apply its principles in their medical practices.  It provides a framework in which to...

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The Mighty Mung Bean

Not much bigger than sugar pellets on a nonpareil, but smaller than an M&M, mung beans pack a lot of punch. These versatile beans are an ancient superfood that has been eaten for centuries to heal a variety of health issues. An all natural plant-based protein,...

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St. Patrick’s Day Qigong for Women’s Health

Or is it St. Liver Day? When five women donned green to attend a Wu Ming Qigong for Women's Health Workshop, they knew they were celebrating St. Patrick but probably didn't realize that In Traditional Chinese Medicine's Five Element Theory, Green is the color...

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