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QigongforWomen'sHealthWu Ming Qigong for Women’s Health~ Ancient Wisdom for Modern Women

Many women who participate in my Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health classes are dealing with breast health issues—tenderness, cysts, problematic mammogram results or they are healing from breast cancer or breast surgery. Others are experiencing migraines, digestive woes, difficulties related to their menstrual cycles or are coping with symptoms like hot flashes and fatigue related to the onset of menopause—all warning signals of an energy imbalance inside the body and pre-cursers to breast health issues.

Dr. Nan Lu, OMD, creator of Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health, specializes in women’s health issues. He is the author of A Woman’s Guide to Healing from Breast Cancer and A Woman’s Guide to a Hormone-Free Menopause. To help women prevent breast cancer or its recurrence, he created a series of seven easy and elegant Qigong energy movements. This program offers women an approach to wellness that focuses on creating health Vs. fighting disease.

Wu Ming Qigong is very powerful when it comes to addressing women’s health issues because it works at the energy level of the body. Prevention is the beauty and strong suit of Traditional Chinese Medicine:  if your energy is strong, disease cannot set in. Qi is a life force that contains intelligence and intuition. It all yours to access for a healthy vibrant life.

photoTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers women a unique blueprint for understanding their bodies. In Chinese Medicine, an ancient system extending back thousands of years, every aspect of a person—body, mind, spirit, and emotions – is seen as an integral whole and is
rooted in the greater universal web of life. Everything is connected—nature, spirit, mind, body, emotions. If your life is balanced, your Qi is balanced. If your Qi is balanced, your body is healthy.

Stress disrupts the natural flow of well-being, and this especially true for women who bear a significant amount of stress in today’s lifestyles. According to Dr. Lu, the Liver is the most important organ for women’s health. Not the actual organ itself — your Liver numbers may be within normal range.  The way the Liver functions is what concerns a doctor of Chinese medicine.  Dr. Lu believes that if a woman enjoys a healthy Liver function, it is highly unlikely she will develop breast cancer.

If you are ready to bring your body back into balance and harmony, reduce stress and regain energy and vitality, please join me for a Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health class.

  • Practice seven easy and elegant energy movements that you can do at home daily to increase your vital life force.
  • Discover Traditional Chinese Medicine tips and techniques for maintaining a free flow of energy through a woman’s breast area
  • Learn about foods that support your body’s energy, especially the function of the Liver, the organ most responsible for women’s health issues.
  • Discuss lifestyle issues and ways to reduce stress

Paula Graham is a Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health Presenter and a certified Dragon’s Way® instructor at Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation. tcmworld.org  Contact Paula to find out more about upcoming workshop opportunities.


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My Faithful Wu Ming Qigong Practice

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My husband and I both took the Dragon’s Way® and enjoyed it immensely. We are both mid-seventies in age and we find the exercises enjoyable. We both lost weight, about 10 to 15 pounds each and have maintained what we lost. We’ve done a better job with the fruits and veggies than with the exercises. I am looking forward to taking another class as I need the discipline to help me work on the exercises.

Carol E.

I took the Fall 2013 Dragon’s Way class with instructor Paula Graham and thoroughly enjoyed the mix of energy movement practice and discussion of the traditional Chinese medicine principles on which The Dragon’s Way is based.  Paula’s knowledge of The Dragon’s Way theory made a complex subject approachable and fun. Her own continuing training experiences with Master Nan Lu provided the class insights into the correct performance of the Qigong movements and The Dragon’s Way program.  As I continued to practice the Qigong movements of The Dragon’s Way, I noticed an increasing flexibility in my knee and hip joints (all of which have been surgically replaced due to arthritic wear and tear).  For the first time in years, I was able to go up and down stairs foot over foot instead of stopping with both feet on each step.    Paula’s personal demeanor speaks for itself as an example of health and well-being, and at the same time, she connects easily with class members and readily relates to their various states of well-being.   I appreciated how Paula encouraged us and kept up the interest of our very diverse group.  I look forward to taking another class with her.

Lynn M

I have just finished a 6 week course of Dragon’s Way.  I must say that it was a total life changing experience.  It was hard for me to believe that such gentle movements and thinking of food in a different way could make such a drastic difference.  I consider myself very knowledgeable about food and eat well, but this course put a different spin on things.  Maybe our Western ways aren’t the be all, end all of how we should approach our bodies and how they truly work.  I have always sought ways of improving the quality of my life and this course gave me the tools to do that.  I will take the knowledge that I gained by taking this course and apply it into my everyday life.  I have shared this experience with everyone that I talk to as I feel everyone should be made aware that this kind of program is out there.


My mother is almost 86 years old and has had many health challenges since her 50’s. Fortunately, as she has become older she has been more open to my suggestions. Not, however, without several unfortunate medical faux pas.

She struggles today keeping her weight above 90 pounds so I could not approach this as a weight loss program. I told her it was for her glands, and that the exercises were simple. After a month or more of owning Master Lu’s DVD, she finally tried it. Truly, she is addicted now. After a week, I noticed a difference in her energy and vibrancy  but she didn’t see it.  Now, after about a month, I believe she is convinced and is starting to correlate changes to the program. Yesterday she mentioned that she believes it is helping her to walk better and notices it when she is climbing stairs. I can tell you her voice and energy are more positive and vibrant. I feel like I have my mom back!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful program.